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Majic Carpet Dyes

Majic Carpet Dyes are 100% Acid dyes. Use them as you would any other acid dyes. They are great for dyeing Wool, Nylon and Silk.

Majic Carpet Dyes:
  • contain no fillers
  • are safe non- toxic dyes - WHMIS rating of "0"
  • are industrial dyes
  • used as a food colourant
  • are colourfast
  • are extremely colour intense
  • will dye 6 lb. of wool with 1 oz. of dye (medium value)
  • Not suitable for cotton, viscose or rayon
  • are 100% soluble
  • are accepted back into the environment causing no imbalance
Majic Carpet Dyes

13 wonderful colours are available:

Red Brilliant Green Seal Brown Red Violet Blue
Bottle Green Reddish Brown Blue Violet Yellow Moss Green
Chocolate Brown Orange Black    
Tips: It is very important to use boiling water to mix your formula. It is important to have Glauber Salts on hand when dyeing. The chemical name is Sodium Sulphate (Na2SO4). Don't confuse Glauber Salts with table salt or coarse salt. The Glauber Salts act as a leveling agent. When you mix your dye solution it should be clear. Add the Glauber Salts if you experience any of the following globbing of solution, flakes in solution and/or murky. Start with 1/4 tsp. increments.

Supplies for Majic Carpet Dyes

Product Description Price ($CDN)
INDIVIDUAL DYES - 2/3 oz. $4.25 each
13 DYE KIT $51.00 kit
GLAUBER SALTS - helps in obtaining a uniform solution $12.00 lb.
CITRIC ACID (mordant) $4.00 lb.
SYRINGE $3.00 each

Cushing Dyes

Product Description Price ($CDN)
94 Colours
Individual Package - 1/3 oz.
* Purchase 12 get one free
$4.00 each

Dye Spoons

Product Description Price ($CDN)
Individual - 1/4 tsp. + 1/16 tsp., 1/8 tsp. + 1/32 tsp. and 1/64 tsp. + 1/128 tsp.
$20.00 each
Set of 3 spoons $56.00 each

Majic Carpet Dye Books

Product Description Price ($CDN)
Basic Dyeing Techniques
    by B. Baker-Dykens
$11.00 each
Colour Harmonies and Composition
    by B. Baker-Dykens
$11.00 each
Formation of New Formulae
    by B. Baker-Dykens
$20.00 each
Backgrounds and Oriental Fields
    by B. Baker-Dykens
$14.00 each
Stained Glass Effect
    by B. Baker-Dykens
$16.00 each
Painting on Wool
    by B. Baker-Dykens
$11.00 each
Marbleizing Your Whites Formula
    by B. Baker-Dykens
$11.00 each
Transitional Swatch Dyeing
    by B. Baker-Dykens
$16.00 each
Seeing Spots Before Your Eyes
    by Christine Little
$17.95 Book
Samples of Seeing Spots Before Your Eyes and Dye Book $79.95 set
Sky Blue Pink with a Green Smell - Book One
    by Christine Little
$16.95 Book
Samples of Sky Blue Pink with a Green Smell and Dye Book $79.95 set
Past and Present - Antique Colour and Spots, Book One or Two
    by Susan Logue
$17.00 each
Samples from Antique Colours and Spots - for Book One or Two $75.00 each

Cushing Dye Books

Product Description Price ($CDN)
Vintage Colors
    by Karen Kahle
$14.00 each
Antique Colors for Primitive Rugs
    by E. Lais and B. Carroll
$24.95 each
The Complete Natural Dyeing Guide
    by Rug Hooking Magazine
$23.00 each
Comprehensive Dyeing Guide
    by Maryanne Lincoln
$23.95 each
The Dusty Little Dye Book - Antique Light Colors
    by Karen Kahle
$14.00 each


Product Description Price ($CDN)
Custom Dyeing Yardage (colour matching) $70.00 yard
Custom Colour Co-ordination $60.00 hour